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Coba Ruins

Here's another photo diary of mine from my trip to Mexico. The photos above were taken from Coba where the ruins are. Marvelous architecture and lush greeneries were highly evident in this area. It was so refreshing to see all the creations of the Mayans and I've admired them even more as they are all talented and skillful. This whole trip showed me the marvelous houses, temples and etc. and I am amazed how they made use of what they have in building these wonders.

I refuse to climb the ruins since I felt guilty stepping on the wonderful creation. I feel like I wanna preserve its beauty by not stepping on the stairs. I've seen a lot of people climbing and I just wasn't feeling it. I took pictures, was living in the moment and headed to the entrance then a sudden torrential downpour occurred. Extremely thankful I didn't get crazy wet with the heavy rain. I was browsing through their souvenir shops which served as my shelter.

It was an amazing tour and definitely got to see another Mayan wonder. Being in Mexico was just nostalgic. I remember seeing these places only in our history books but now, I was able to see them in person. Never thought I would be able to go to these places and explore. This is indeed one for the books.

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