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Tulum Mayan Village

Hopped off the van and greeted with children with smiles on their faces as they handed us freshly picked flowers in exchange for some pesos. The cheerful faces of the children made this last destination of my last tour even more memorable. As I reached for my camera, they gave me all smiles and was so excited about posing in front. Such a wonderful sight to see. Aside from the tour guide, they were also gracious enough to show us what's in the villages. We spent a few minutes in the villages. Browsing through the souvenirs was mostly the experience in the villages while the tour guide explains to you the history.

I am wrapping up this Mexico travel diary and I am definitely missing all my experiences in Tulum. From the amazing food, the summer weather, the wonderful beaches as well as the cenotes, the bus rides during the tour, the other tourists you get to chit chat with, and most of all, the hospitality of the people. I hope that one day, I'll be able to come back to paradise and relive all my beautiful moments over again. 'Til next time Tulum!

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