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Las Vegas Photo Diary Pt. 1

Last November, I got a chance to travel for work. I was flown to Vegas by the company that I work for, for my management training. It was all a surprise when one of the managers told me that I will be flown to Vegas as soon as possible for my training. I never believed him at first but then when I got the call and the email, I was out for words. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. It was the perfect opportunity since I have never been to Vegas and I've always wanted to experience the Sin City. I was there for three days and within the short span of time, I made sure to do some sightseeing, visit the iconic places and take lots of pictures. My training was for two days from 7am to 4pm. Had to wake up early (which I hate) 'cos I usually take an hour or more to get ready. And when the training ends, I go back to my hotel, freshen up and go explore the city.

I was a bit nervous being there in Vegas because of the shooting that happened. It was still fresh to the people's memories. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign was the very first iconic place that I decided to visit. There, I saw people leaving flowers, messages for the victims of the shooting. Took an uber to the spot and thankfully, my driver was the nicest. He let me experience being there and even offered to take a photo of me. He was so hospitable and welcoming to me. He even gave me a mini tour of The Strip for free. It was so nice of him. It was such a wonderful experience being a first timer, seeing the bright lights, seeing all the retail shops, the restaurants, the people, everything! My Vegas stay was off to a good start. Viva Las Vegas! I told myself.

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