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Downtown Los Angeles

After my trip to Vegas, a few days later I flew to Los Angeles. A dear friend of mine actually dared me to visit him in L.A. and on the last minute, I booked a ticket. I actually missed LA so much 'cos the last time I was there, it was just a short visit. This time, I get to spend more time in lalaland. My friend graciously let me stay in his place. On my first day, he showed me Downtown LA since I haven't been to. It was so much fun seeing a different side of Los Angeles. I had so much fun strolling around, taking pictures and having snacks. We also went to Bottega Louie which I have been dying to try and I felt like I went to macaron heaven. It was the best!

 He was such a wonderful company after all which made this trip special. Will share more photos of my trip on the next posts. Can't help remember all the good times while I was in L.A. Hope to be back soon.

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