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Urban Light

A warm, beautiful welcome from the infamous Urban Light by Chris Burden right at the entrance of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A throwback to the Fall season in Los Angeles but still basking in that beautiful sunshine. Wishing my Spring '18 consists of warmer temperatures and not having to wear thick clothing anymore. It is currently 36 degrees as I am writing this post so I'm pretty sure you're convinced that it's pretty much still, Winter where I am residing. Can't complain. It literally snowed the other day while I was running and it was such a pretty sight to see. I like the snow but the cold, nah ah!

Mornings in L.A. during my visit was pretty chilly. This Topman denim jacket literally saved me from freezing especially during the night. A friend of mine and I decided to hit the beach to end the day and it was pretty much breezy. Also to avoid serving a basic look, the denim jacket was definitely the finishing flavor for the whole ensemble. And when the temperature went up during the afternoon, I just draped it over the shoulder so my skin can still breath. Still feeling comfortable and still in style. Love a denim jacket moment!

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