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New In: Chanel Canvas Espadrilles

One of the reasons why I love summer fashion is the fact that you get to wear light and comfy shoes. Whether you wanna rock a pair of sandals, sneakers or even just flip flops, nothing ever beats the comfort it provides. Last February when I was visiting New York, I stopped by Chanel and was looking for this all-white sneakers but then, since it wasn't available anymore, I opted for a pair of espadrilles instead to get ready for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

This is actually my second pair and thanks to all fashion gods, I have narrow feet so I can fit into these pair of women's shoes. Yes, I know they are women's shoes but I am here to break rules. So to see which pair I got, keep scrolling.




Whoever said men can't rock espadrilles better think again. I find it actually stylish for a man to wear espadrilles during summer of course, in the right outfit. Picture a trip to the beach wearing a pinstriped blue and white linen shirt, white shorts, a fedora and a pair of navy colored espadrilles to finish the look. Such a refreshing sight to see.

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