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Chinatown and Little Italy, New York

During my first visit to New York last February 2017, I was warned by my manager that if ever I visit Chinatown, I need to be careful or just don't visit at all because he had a bad experience when he was visiting. But this second visit, I decided to explore Chinatown all by myself and I was a little intimidated at first. I was exploring the area and as I was taking photographs, this guy posed in front of my camera. I exchanged a short conversation with him while I was waiting for the crosswalk signal to turn green. At first, he complimented my outfit and then asked me where I'm from. Then he started sharing about how expensive rent is and I was telling him how I'd love to live in New York City. Then the signal turned green and we parted ways. I started exploring Chinatown and it's a pretty interesting area. I had so much fun taking photographs of the surrounding buildings, the market and the people. It might be my favorite place to photograph.

Little Italy is just accessible when you're in the area. Lined with restaurants, I wanted to try their pasta in the area but I had different plans. The area had this whole vibe as well and I'm totally into it. Whenever I travel, I always take photos of something that would capture my eye and heart and Chinatown and Little Italy took my breath away. In a good way. Next time I'm around, it sure will be pasta time in Little Italy.

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