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Products For That Desert Glow

Our road trip to Palm Springs was such an adventurous ride but safely, we made it. It's my first time and words cannot fully translate how I am in love with this city. In fact, I just added Palm Springs to the list of my favorite cities. The desert is such an awesome place to wander. Although there are tendencies the heat becomes unbearable, especially during the summer. The skin becomes dry, your body battles with dehydration, but fret not as I am about to share tips and tricks on how to survive the desert madness. 

Given the fact that hydration is always key, sometimes it doesn't suffice. Drinking lots of water help a lot but we are blessed with products that help aide from the dry desert. On me, I personally use Love, Beauty and Planet's body lotion and I mix it with Jason Vitamin E beauty oil and for the finishing product, I use Coola's sunscreen for that extra layer of skin protection. Some people use coconut oil as well and I am about to add that to my beauty regimen. I have been trying to put more effort into becoming conscious of what I put in and on my body and I am pretty proud of myself.

Here are some products that are gonna make you glow like a pro.

4. J.Crew jeans (*cut an old pair as shorts)

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