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Salvation Mountain

Blessed with gorgeous weather, we took a trip to Salvation Mountain before heading to Coachella. I have seen this place around social media and since we are already in the area, I told my friends we have to see this place. Beautiful is an understatement. This man-made mountain was created by Leonard Knight. For more information about Salvation Mountain, click here.

I have always adored this jumpsuit from Mr. Turk and when I found out that we are officially going to Coachella, I found the perfect reason to buy it. This piece is so easy to wear and during the whole time at the festival, I felt comfortable dancing and singing and prancing around. Also took notes about the desert weather. It can be unforgiving so I made sure to pack comfort and style with me to the festival. Such a great moment nevertheless.

1. Alexander McQueen sunglasses
2. Mr. Turk Arlo jumpsuit
3. Converse sneakers

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