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Wow! Where has time gone by? It has been such an awesome birthday month and I am pretty sad it's over. I just turned a year older last July 16th and I am still in disbelief. I'll tell you a funny story. These photos were actually shot last year 'cos I was thinking I was turning 24 last year then I told my best friend about the shoot and she told me that I'm turning 23. We argued for a bit then I did the math and BAM! She was right! Insane right? So I couldn't post these photos last year and waited for another year. Voila! Here we are. Sign of aging? Let's not talk about that.

Anyhoo, Buffalo Peak was an absolute beaut. My brother and I hiked the area and we were in awe of the surroundings. Lush greens, massive mountians on the background, the fresh air, Utah has a lot in store for everyone. The Summer season is such a great time to explore Utah. The temperatures can be unbearable but gotta savour the warmth before Winter hits right? There are still lots of places to explore in this beautiful state and I am looking forward to see them. Until the next adventure. Xo!

1. Zara t-shit
2. H&M jeans
3. Converse sneakers

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