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Before anything else, congratulations to all of us for getting through 2020! Here’s to starting anew, feeling fresh and feeling hopeful.
Last year was a lot to take. There were so many emotions involved but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 provided so many lessons to learn and one thing that really stood out was how to value what I currently have. It’s now or never. One day you might wake up not having currently what you have.
Self-care has always been emphasized to me and I would love for everyone to focus on it as well. It may be from going on hikes by yourself, or journaling or doing your skincare routine, putting yourself is never wrong as long as it makes you feel empowered!
Like any of the past years, I have not made any resolutions. I’m ready to take the roller coaster ride with an open heart and great hopes! Let’s all slay 2021!
Xx, H 


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