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Jet Set Hanz 
by Hanz Vonder Lou M. Libato

Hanz Libato started blogging at a very young age and in fact, he had always been vehement about anything that is in line with fashion, photography and adventure. Every picture, ensemble(ootd/n) & clothing article(yep, he's a fashion designer too!) that he brings into being are all stories - trinkets of his introspection as he travels and explores the world one country at a time. Aside from being a prodigy and a distinctive raconteur, Hanz is also an aesthete and you can see how much he appreciates beauty and art in his blog entries, but beauty for him should not only enchant the eye but it should also also arrest and captivate the heart. He may not be a full time blogger but he blogs with sincerity & sensibility - both traits that are deemed to be vital and rare to find in a sea of bloggers.

*special thanks; Cefane Ramayrat and Joy Garingo